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ISBN: 978-1843103219
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Año de Edición: 2005
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Autor: Buijssen
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`Aimed at families and carers, I found the content of this book to contain a vast amount of information, well written and understandable to those people who may be experiencing dementia for the first time. The chapters describe the experiences of dementia using a number of real-life examples which bring this person-centred book to life. It explores issues of communication, mood and behaviour problems, management guidelines and has a chapter on the family and the problems they experience, including feelings of guilt.The author bases this book not only on his professional outlook as a psychogerontologist and clinical psychologist, but also as a son, whose own father suffered with dementia. It brings the book to a more interesting level for me knowing the author has lived through the personal effects of dementia.' -Signpost`This well-structured guide offers nine chapters about dementia, written for relatives, carers and professionals This book offers a clear, simple overview of this complex disease process.'- Dementia: The International Journal of Social Research and Practice`The Simplicity of Dementia has much to offer in terms of thoughtful, practical advice on caring for someone with dementia.'- Ageing and Society, Cambridge Journals`The author provides a very person-centred approach to discussing the experience of dementia and offers guidelines for family caregivers and professional cares. This jargon-free text includes the voices of relatives, people with dementia and nursesVery clear explanations are provided to explain personality changes caused by the disease such as: anxiety, blame, suspicious behaviour, depression and hoarding of foods or goods. These are crucially dealt with early in the book and explained sympathetically from the point-of view of the person with dementia This is essential reading for anyone who is involved in caring for a person with dementia. It is much more readable than a textbook- not one scan picture in sight. The theme is people- their expereices as sufferers, family caregivers or professional carers. It is pocket size and the chapters can easily be read at intervals. The insights gained will clearly increase the satisfaction of caring for the person with dementia'.-London Centre of Dementia Care`Relatives and carers will find this book a source of essential information and encouragement to deal confidently with the difficulties posed by the condition both for people with Dementia and those around them'.-Working with Older People

About the Author

Huub Buijssen is a psychogerontologist and clinical psychologist and has written many successful books on the subject of dementia. He regularly lectures to relatives and carers of dementia sufferers. He lives in Tilburg, Netherlands.

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